What’s in the Works for Judith Gould 2005/2006

What’s in the works? Goodness me, just thinking about it makes my head spin! I usually try not to think about what’s looming and try (unsuccessfully) to take it one thing at a time.

Let me see. First off, The Parisian Affair has been published in paperback, and is out there right now. And on October 5th my newest hardcover, Dreamboat is hitting the shelves. Plus I’m racing the clock—yes, again—putting the finishing touches on my next novel. So what else is new—right?

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Over the River and Through the Woods: It’s actually more of a creek, and it doesn’t lead to grandmother’s house, but to mine—if you can call this complex of converted barns a house.
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More is More: I’m a sucker for Christmas decorations and keep adding and adding...
...which is why this is a regular construction site (below). I keep running out of finished space!
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Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve already begun the novel after that one (!), for 2007, but had to set it aside in order to do some editorial revisions and polish up the other. Sound confusing? You betcha. Especially since I just returned from Greece, where I helped a close friend go house hunting in the islands. (This after I’d just been there in February doing the same for myself, but you know the old saying, “A friend in need....”). Anyway, nobody ever has to twist my arm; I’ll find almost any excuse to travel, although I don’t think I need to tell you that traveling isn’t what it used to be. Being somewhere is the fun; getting there is inevitably a hassle. I do wish the airlines would get their acts together. But that, it seems, is asking for too much.

Now then, to fill you in on the rest. Last year in this section I mentioned that I was headed to California to visit my best friends. I even had my ticket, but between family and business sagas out West (talk about inspiration for a novel, only no one would believe it!), and deadlines and work going on around here, there was no way I could make it. This place is a perpetual construction site, the latest work consisting of turning a lot more raw barn space into two additional bedrooms and two more bathrooms, getting another side of one of the roofs replaced, having a huge patio completed, then throw in the holidays, city friends coming up for weekends, plus packing for the house in Greece, only to have the deal fall through right before closing and having to unpack everything again...well, you can imagine the madhouse.

As if that isn’t enough, is it possible that the holidays are on the horizon already? You know what that means. Pulling out all the stops. Getting two trees trimmed. Hanging up giant wreaths from the barn beams. And doing my favorite thing—cooking and baking up a storm. As usual, Christmas dinner will start with my Carrot Soup with Coriander. I’ve included it among my recipes—either click on the menu above, or click here to take a gander. (I’m proud to say that my roast turkey, which I haven’t managed to include among the recipes yet, is locally famous. Everyone claims it’s the best turkey they’ve ever eaten, and want to know my secret. So far, I’ve managed to keep it that. And you know why? Because it’s so simple that when I tell people, no one believes me! Everyone thinks I’m holding something back!)

What else is in the works? Contests! Besides the current Princess Karima Emerald Sweepstakes, there’ll be another great sweepstakes when Dreamboat is released in soft cover in May 2006. That prize? Would you believe...a Caribbean cruise for two!!! That’s right—a cruise aboard your own Dreamboat with a friend or loved one. Now, is that romantic, or is that romantic? So remember to log on for details.

And that’s not all—keep checking this web site every month, because I’m going to have monthly drawings for prizes, but you have to enter each contest in order to have a chance to win!

And now I’d better get going. There’s so much to do...but of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every morning when I jump out of bed I’m ready to take a bite out of life! Carpe diem! Seize the day, as my late agent, Irving (Swifty) Lazar used to say. In other words, live every day to its fullest. Life is a gift, you know.

Best wishes for the holidays and every day,

Judith Gould (signature)
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T’is the Season: As Christmas approaches, things get more and more festive, even in the kitchen.
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The One That Got Away: The charming house in the Greek islands I wanted to buy; perhaps it’s just as well the deal fell through. As if I don’t have my hands full as it is!
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