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Dear Readers and Friends,

If you’re already familiar with my books, I hope you find them enjoyable—and continue reading them, as well as recommending them to your friends.

If you haven’t read any of them, or have missed some of my titles, here’s a comprehensive, up-to-date list of them all. Please keep in mind that many of them have been through quite a few printings, and have therefore been released with different covers than the ones you might remember. Also, should you want to get hold of a particular book and find it’s not available or is out of print, check out my How to Find Out-of-Print Books page.

For a brief description of each book below, just click on the cover.

Cover of Greek Winds of Fury Cover of Sins 25th Aniversary Edition Cover of The Secret Heiress Cover of Dreamboat Cover of The Parisian Affair
Cover of The Greek Villa Cover of The Best is Yet to Come Cover of A Moment in Time Cover of Time to Say Good-Bye Cover of Rhapsody
Cover of Till the End of Time Cover of Second Love Cover of Too Damn Rich Cover of Forever Cover of Texas Born
Cover of Never Too Rich Cover of Dazzle Cover of LoveMakers Cover of Sins

Oh! Before I forget, a few last things:

In the October 2004 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (page 290), The Parisian Affair was chosen as one of “6 Frisky Page-Turners” on Cosmo’s BOOK CLUB page!

In 1993, Forever received Romantic Times Magazine’s “Reviewers Choice Award” for Best Contemporary Novel.

Also, Time to Say Good-bye was selected as a “Beach Book of the Week” by People Magazine.

If you’ve read Time to Say Good-bye , you’ll already know that Joanna Lawrence hires April Woodward to create a “grotto,” a room entirely encrusted with seashells. There’s a grotto in my novel, Forever, also. These kinds of rooms (or separate buildings) were very fashionable in the 1700s. So guess what “Judith Gould” is working on during spare time? That’s right, creating a grotto—but instead of setting shells into cement or plaster, they’re being glued onto plywood panels instead—just in case a future move is in the cards. This way the grotto can be unscrewed from the framework and be moved to a new place! A section of the completed dado and 12" high chair-rail is pictured at right.

Pretty nifty, huh?

Below are the Before and After pictures of the latest 4-foot high and 8-foot wide completed panels, along with the mirror, which will be installed on top of the dado and chair rail in the picture above.

You know those trite old sayings: “Busy Hands are Happy Hands,” and “Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop”? Well, in the “Gould” household there’s always one project or another in the works. It’s just so hard to sit still - except at the desk!

The UK Audiobook of Dreamboat and The Parisian Affair: Each complete and unabridged, ten audio cassettes (14 hours)

Foreign Editions

Greece: Bell Harlenic

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